Sarah Bridle

Professor of Food, Climate and Society at the University of York

I am a scientist, author, speaker and facilitator. 

My work focuses on analysing the environmental impact of what we eat and creating a more resilient food system which benefits human health as well as the planet.

I am passionate about improving the health of our planet through changing the food we eat and how it is produced. 

I am driven by the need to reduce our impact on climate change and secure the future availability of our food.

About me

Read why I transitioned from a career in astro-physics to working on food system transformation 


Delivering keynote speeches and media interviews on food and climate change


Find out about my current research and collaborations

TEDx Talk


Food and Climate Change Without the Hot Air is an accessible guide to how different foods contribute to climate change and what we can do about it


Creating buzzing events which focus researchers on real world challenges and stimulate new research projects


Free activities and materials to help you understand how your food choices contribute to climate change.