Feed the Planet – Conversations on Food and Climate Change

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The food system causes about a third of global greenhouse gas emissions. How can we, as individual citizens, reduce the environmental impact of our food? Feed the Planet is the podcast that tries to tackle that question. Each episode Professor Sarah Bridle, Chair of Food, Climate and Society at the University of York, talks to experts about how we can change our diets to eat more sustainably. Drawing on science and data they discuss the positive changes we can make, the barriers that get in our way and how we can overcome them.

Does the way you cook your food matter? Which plant milk is best? Is it worth changing your diet or would other lifestyle tweaks have more impact?

Sarah is the author of a book called Food and Climate Change Without the Hot Air and is on a mission to get people thinking about the environmental impact of food we eat and how we can make a more resilient food system.

Sarah is a Co-Lead of the AFN Network+ (UKRI Agri-food for Net Zero Network+) and one of the leaders of FixOurFood, a project which aims to transform the Yorkshire food system to one that is regenerative.

This podcast was produced by Molly Watson, funded by the University of York, working with FixOurFood.

Artwork by Laura Tordoff, University of York.

Music by Vitalii Korol from Pixabay