Catastrophic Food System Disruption

My recent research focuses on thinking about how to feed the UK amid catastrophic food system disruption, and the resilience of the UK food system. Our paper, surveying food experts about whether food shortages could cause civil unrest in the UK was published in Sustainability in 2023.

I co-lead the AFN Network+, a three year project funded by UKRI which brings together people working across the food system in the UK. It was set up to shape the next decade of research and explore effective ways that the sector can reduce its environmental impact.

I’m one of the leaders of FixOurFood, a project which aims to transform the Yorkshire food system to one that is regenerative. I lead a team developing an interactive tool, which measures the impact of different interventions on the food system, which will help policymakers make effective decisions around food system transformation.

Eco-Food Labelling

I sit on the eco working group of The Food Data Transparency Partnership (FDTP), which is working with Defra to develop proposals around carbon emissions and food labelling, in order to help consumers make more informed food choices.

I’m the founder of Take a Bite Out of Climate Change, a public engagement project, which brings together leading scientists from around the UK, to develop educational resources focused on the link between food and climate change. Having developed strong links with the Royal Society, the project aims to provide people with accessible information and free, fun activities, to empower them to make more sustainable food choices.